How Much Would A Commercial Cleaning Service Cost In 2023?

commercial cleaning prices

Commercial Cleaning Prices in Arlington, Va area vary a lot different factors. We will start with general information about commercial cleaning and then give detailed information about what factors affect commercial cleaning prices in 2023

Commercial cleaning is very important for business owners and entrepreneurs to provide a clean and healthy work environment to their employees and clients. At this point, it might sometimes be difficult to find a right cleaning partner for the commercial cleaning that you need. The business owner’s best goal is to make the best choice for choosing their commercial cleaning partners that need to be great for cleaning and offer a cost effective price.Finding good commercial cleaning service rates is very important for business owners.  Focusing on the most affordable commercial cleaning service might not be the smartest choice. The business owners always want to make sure that they have all the costs covered by the revenue that they make. The costs need to be kept straight and make sure that their company is not over paying for pricing for commercial cleaning

Our goal to inform the business owners and entrepreneurs living in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland Area about general commercial cleaning price. We will give very essential information about prices for commercial cleaning in 2023 for the business owners and entrepreneurs who outsource their commercial cleaning service needs. When it comes to prices for commercial cleaning there are 5 important factors that you should consider;

1.  Experience and Expertise 

Commercial cleaning is not a difficult duty if the cleaners know what to do. It’s all about time and effectiveness. If your cleaner knows what to do for keeping your work environment clean, it will take less time and your cleaner will have very effective cleaning- which means that you should worry less about commercial cleaning price. Usually, a successful cleaners will start knowing your work environment after 3 cleaning sessions and they will keep your area clean by spending less time and effort. So, pricing for commercial cleaning will not worry you as much as before. Experience and Expertise have an important role when it comes to commercial cleaning service rates in 2022.

2.  Work Demand

Commercial cleaning companies care about the frequency of the commercial cleaning service that you demand for them and they will offer you a better commercial cleaning price for a more frequent job. The level of cleaning effort required for commercial cleaning is also very important for defining pricing for commercial cleaning

Chart 1: Commercial Cleaning Rates Chart in 2022

3.  Product and Equipment Needed for A Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning price in Northern VA, Washington and Maryland changes according to what products and equipment you are using for your commercial cleaning needs. The business owners need commercial window cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning. So, they have to consider commercial window cleaning prices and commercial carpet cleaning prices per square foot.

The quality of the product is very important for having a clean work environment. The quality choice depends on the specific type of need and the company. There are lots of different products that affect commercial cleaning price in Crystal City, Arlington. If the client needs window and carpet cleaning, having the service from the same company would reduce commercial window cleaning price and commercial carpet cleaning prices per square foot. There are different companies that only offer carpet cleaning or window cleaning that would directly increase the cost of commercial cleaning services prices.

4.  Size Of The Property for Defining Commercial Cleaning Services Prices

The size of the property where you need a commercial cleaning service directly affects the final commercial cleaning price. There are a lot of commercial cleaning demand in some areas such as Rosslyn, Ballston, Courthouse, Lyon Hall, Clarendon, Columbia Pike, Crystal City, Pentagon City, Shirlington in Arlington Va. The offices are slightly small in general in these areas and it would make the final commercial cleaning services prices around Arlington, VA area lower. Bigger offices will require a longer cleaning period which will automatically lift up your commercial cleaning service prices. Windows cleaning will take an important place here because bigger offices mean bigger and more windows. Some commercial cleaning companies include partial cleaning for windows and some do not include any window cleaning. You should clear it up with your cleaning partner at the beginning. Commercial window cleaning prices have its own class and it differs from commercial cleaning.

5.  Distance & Location

It’s always more convenient for you to make your commercial cleaning partner choice locally for the quality of the service you are getting and the cost of the commercial cleaning price. If you are getting your commercial cleaning in Rosslyn, Ballston, Courthouse, Lyon Hall, Clarendon, Columbia Pike, Crystal City, Pentagon City, Shirlington neighborhoods, finding a commercial cleaning partner locally will provide you more flexibility, reliability and less commercial cleaning price.

Having a detailed acknowledgement about commercial cleaning prices in 2023 saves lots of money for the business owners and entrepreneurs. While keeping your workspace clean and disinfected will provide your client more customer satisfaction and make them more loyal customers. It would be complicated when it comes to commercial cleaning service rates in Arlington, Va. However, if you follow these five important factors having an important role in commercial cleaning prices, finding a quality at the same time affordable cleaning partner will not be a big issue. 

What Is Included In Commercial Cleaning?

A general commercial cleaning service will include common areas of an office space like hallways, kitchen area, bathrooms and conference rooms. Usually general commercial cleaning does not include cleaning personal desks, computers, printers and some other expensive devices and furniture that would get damaged because of improper cleaning. When you get a commercial cleaning service, it’s always better to know what’s included in the commercial cleaning service rates. In that way you can set a right expectation for your commercial cleaning service. 


You hire a commercial cleaning service to keep your office clean and they drive to your office. They expect to have safe parking so that the commercial cleaning company staff can leave their car. Having a pay parking might be too expensive sometimes and you should expect to cover your employee’s cleaning expenses or validate their parking pass.

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